Protect Wisconsin's Lakes

No More Mining

Wisconsin has some of the most beautiful lakes and streams in the country, and our waterways are essential to our ecosystems and our economy. But our waterways are threatened by runoff pollution from farms, construction sites, and mines.

In 2011, when Governor Walker proposed rolling back protections on our lakes, we fought back and stopped the rollbacks by getting thousands of petition signatures asking legislators to protect our lakes. But now there’s a new threat to our water: Governor Walker is proposing a bill to allow special interests from Virginia to mine for iron in Northern Wisconsin. The mine could cause massive amounts of waste to be dumped in our waterways and removes all accountability requirements on mining companies.

We're making sure state legislators stand up for our water by stopping mining in Northern Wisconsin. We're also building support for the lakes to guard against any more rollbacks to important protections.

Issue updates

Green group sows lesson in environmental conservation

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel follows WISPIRG Energy Service Corps members to teach a group of second graders about energy conservation

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Spring Kickoff this Wednesday! | Matt Kozlowski

WISPIRG Kickoff Meeting
Wednesday, February 15th
180 Science Hall

Our Kickoff Meeting is Wednesday night. Come find out more about us, share your ideas, and meet some great people!

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I choo-choo-choose public transit | Matt Kozlowski


Friday, Congress may vote on a plan to cut all federal money for public transit and spend it on more highways instead.

Send a message to your representative today: Invest in our country's public transportation, not our dependence on oil.

The plan is to pay for more highways by selling off rights to drill for oil and gas all over America's land and water.

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We couldn't have done it without you | Matt Kozlowski


Thanks for being part of WISPIRG and helping make 2011 such a success.

Check out some of our highlights from the year:

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