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In 2010, the New Voters Project trained thousands of student volunteers to make more than 190,000 get-out-the-vote reminders in the weeks leading up to the election on nearly 100 campuses in more than 20 states. 

These efforts paid off.  According to election night returns, turnout at several student precincts targeted by the New Voters Project pointed to increases.  While initial analysis released by CIRCLE points to a youth turnout rate similar to that in the 2006 mid-term elections, according to election night returns provided by elections officials on several campuses, turnout at several student precincts where we targeted young voters posted notable increases.

But this year in Wisconsin students face new challenges to voting. The state legislature passed new laws requiring voters to show a Wisconsin photo ID at the polls, which many students don’t have. We worked with student governments all over the state to make sure student IDs could be used as identification, but there is still work to be done.

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Young voter enthusiasm and lines to vote grew on college campuses over the course of the day. .

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Volunteer: Register Voters at Concerts this Summer | WISPIRG Students

This summer we're running voter registration drives at concerts and music festivals across Wisconsin, and we'd love your help.

Let us know if you want to volunteer: sign up here.

We've teamed up with some great artists like My Morning Jacket, Phish, Wilco, Dave Mathews Band, Neko Case, The Roots, and more. It should be a ton of fun.

WISPIRGs' New Voters Project is a non-partisan campaign to mobilize young voters and turn them out to the polls.

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Voter Protection Toolkit


Download this resource for everything you need to know to organize a voter protection campaign on your campus.

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Saving Dollars, Saving Democracy - Cost Savings for Local Elections Officials Through Voter Registration Modernization

Millions are being wasted due to antiquated voter registration systems and procedures. U.S. PIRG Education Fund’s survey of 100 counties showed that over $33,467,910.00 of public money was spent on simple registration implementation and error-correction issues in 2008. The Fund finds that a more streamlined and automatic system linking existing databases with the state voter rolls could free up significant resources at the local level.

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